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Album Of The Month

El Train - And Then We Woke Up

Brighton-born producer El Train will take you into his dreamland with his new album And Then We Woke Up, available both on streaming platforms and in vinyl format on November 2, 2021.

Previously acclaimed by The Fader, Complex, Wonderland, Line of Best Fit, Notion and many more, the UK artist has brought to life the follow-up to Puzzles, his debut album self-released in June 2019. This 13-track cosy project features some of his current favourite artists such as Kallitechnis, Kaisha, Jaz Lund, Fliss or Paal Singh.

The album was born during the first lockdown and heavily inspired by everything that was going on in the world at the time. "When the lockdown hit, I kind of ramped up my work rate. The idea for this album began to take shape towards the end of 2020. I’d been working on so much new music with all these amazing people without ever meeting anybody in person (those pesky lockdowns!). The music industry itself completely ground to a halt for 18 months and it felt to me like we were all kind of hibernating. ‘And Then We Woke Up’ is meant to encapsulate the feeling of returning to some sort of normality after what feels like an extended period of hibernation" he continues.

While sleepwalking through the emotions, seasons and every curveball life threw at him during this pandemic, El Train dreamt of his eclectic Shangri-la. From oneiric jazzy interludes to the aery r&b from Lessons in Love, from the groovy Video Game to the UK-garage-inspired MAD... And Then We Woke Up and its electro soul explorations make for the perfect stargazing companion.



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