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Blends #036 | ft. DJU DJU

DJU DJU from Belgrade, Serbia, known for his upbeat, soulful edits , remixes & originals featured in many Soulection influenced radio shows & podcasts

is joining us for the last Blends episode of 2021! His mix is now live on our Soundcloud. We want to take the time as well to thank all creatives who worked with us this year in various ways. We feel really grateful about the great connections and even friendships we made through the work with y'all. You are the real MVP's!

Some big projects are already lined up for 2022. Stay tuned!



Space Ghost - Tropical Pavilion


Emmavie - Won't Do


Styles Davis - 4thewknd

chromonicci - SimplyPut

1981 Tokyo - Usher's Interlude

Moods - Music Saved My Life

DJU DJU - I need my music

Space Ghost - Be Yourself

FBC & VHOOR - Delírios ft. Djair Voz Cristalina


Machinedrum - Only One

Emmavie - Stop the Tape

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