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Blends #040 | ft. Soltice

28 years old Agima Trioska. Better known by his stage name "SOLTICE" is no stranger to the bass music community in Indonesia. This Bali based producer has never failed to tone up the vibes of the crowds whenever he spins. He joined FTWR (Follow The White Rabbit) Vietnam started in 2015 and then became the part of SAF Collective (Bandung music producer collective) in 2018 till present. He started his career in 2008 as a resident clubs DJ. He piqued interest for many genres such as Bass Music, Hip-Hop & Rnb, Funk, Soul, house, and Disco to Techno. He released his first EP in 2017 called BANASPATI. Experimenting with Indonesian traditional music Instruments and aims to get Indonesian music culture more attention in the international dance music scene. Then he released his second EP in 2021 Called Batanahari Groove. It is very different from his previous release because it wasn't club-oriented. This EP has Rnb & Soul vibes combined with Jungle drumming and House and Jazz groove fusion. He also made club-ready edit tracks for DJs around the world available for stream and download on his Soundcloud. Having played in many successful events in Bali across Asia, this genius is one to look out for.


Soltice - Honey Essence (Unreleased)

Sean Paul - Get Busy (Max9k Flip)

Naken - Be Your Girl

F r a n c h i s e. - Just The Two Of Us (F r a n c h i s e. Riddim Edit)

Duncan Gerow - Mariah Carey + Blackstreet = Its Like That

N.O.R.E - Nothin’ (Smochi Grind)

Jennifer Lopez - get right (max9k flip)

Naken - Never Too Much (Unreleased)


Skeiigold x Soltice - Taboh Bi Gula Gula

Soltice x Skeiigold - Just a lil bit Naughty

Chamos x Aizen Sama - Missy Riddim

Samba de Coco Raizes - E Boi (Maga Bo Remix)

Dave Nunes x Alexander Daniel - Family Affair

Dua Lupa - Levitating (Naken Edit)

Kevas DJ - Rocky

Doja Cat - Woman (Soltice & Naken Edit)

Missy Elliot - It Works (Kevin Kofii & BAVR RMX)

Naken & Batikboy - Sio Nona (Jascha Cover Unreleased)

Mike Posner - Please Don’t Go (Soltice Amapiano Edit Unreleased)

Naken & Batikboy - Praise The Flute (Unreleased)

Benaiah - Milkshake

Drake x Megan Thee Stallion - Too Sexy for Piano (Soltice Edit Unreleased)

Naken x Soltice - Bagaikan Langit (Dee’s Musical Box Cover Unreleased)


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