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Blends #046 | ft. Onzo

Onzo is a Cologne based Producer and DJ. His variety in playing and producing music goes from Hip Hop, Funk, House to Futurebeats, and UK tunes. Anything which sounds good get’s played. He started as a DJ for Dance Battles 9 years ago and is now a member of the Cologne and Ruhrarea based DJ collective ‚Nani?!‘. Also he graduated from SAE University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Production.



Gavin Turek - The Distance (Paperwater Remix)

Snky Bnz - The Broken Man

Coubo - African Spaceship

Jenny Penkin & VESHZA - Side Road

Sarah Angel & Karuna - Lakeview

Omar Duro & Singularis - Ame

Cleo Sol - When I’m in your Arms

Wantigga feat. Merryn Jeann - Slowly

Blackparty - Bloom

Radiant Children - Rare

LayFullstop - Cherries

Coast Contra - Pimpin’ Benjamin

Rachel Foxx - Be Mine

Spell - I Wanna

Slum Village - Forth & Back (Rock Music)

Sadat X - Low Maintenance, High Wear

Tom Misch - Marrakech

Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes

Mindflip - Fly

Jazz Liberatorz - Loop Prisoner

Potatohead People - Luxury

Stray - Movements


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