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Blends #050 | ft. El Train

Ayeee! We produly introdcuing to y'all the 50th episode of our Blends series featuring one of our favorite creatives in the game. Man like El Train from Brighton, UK! El train is a multifaceted DJ / Broadcaster / Producer and multi-instrumentalist and is definitely one of the UK’s brightest emerging talents, known for his ability to effortlessly blend Hip-Hop/R&B and electronic sounds with a heavy nod to the US West Coast beats scene. Enjoy his great guest mix for us now on SoundCloud! We also want to thank all other Creatives who took part in our mix series. So many great mixes and as well strong bonds we build up in these past 2 years. We just love this community. Y'all are the real MVP's!



lovesome x orbly - Cash


Kendrick Lamar - Count Me Out (El Train Edit)


OAKK - Madeleine

KOEY - Feel Nothing

Sans - Why Don’t We


Sango - Detalhe

Nascent - Lover Boy

El Train & Yolophonik - Doge

Local jam - hahahaaa

Tyler The Creator - SAFARI

Foolie $urfin - soulmeup2heaven

Louis Futon - Kali

Vince Staples - Take Me Home

Evil Needle, Dom Chronicles, See Dee - Something New

El Train - Bouncy

Sham Steele X Cay Caleb - Wouldn't Get Far

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