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Blends #051 | ft. Dolce Cita

We are happy to introduce you to our next Blends guest! Cologne based Dolce Cita, who made herself a name through regular bookings in Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and her own events as well! Dolce Cita is well known for her versatile sets in which she combines the best sounds from around the world, blending RnB, Hip Hop, Baile Funk, UK Garage and everything in between. Music always has been a major element in her life and she loves to share her deep rooted passion for various sounds in a creative way. By this said, get ready for the next Blends episode feautring Dolce Cita! Instagram / Soundcloud



Jeshi - 3210

Sam Wise - Follow the Leader (feat Blanco)

Tiakola - Arsenik

Loveni, Myth Syzer, PH Trigano - Verse la gnole

Ragz Originale, Laura Groves - mirrors

D. Savage - One Kall

Novelist & Sustrapperazzi - See the Sunset

Knucks, Stormzy - Die Hard

Suede JaW - 808INK

Bawo - Building Castles

Tony Shhnow - Don't Look At Numbers (feat. Brent Faiyaz) [Remix] Zuukou Mayzie - Inception (feat. Freeze Corleone)

Bktherula - Coupe

Ojerime - I Know Now (2003)


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