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Blends #056 | ft. GYN_TERRE

GYN_TERRE is a Bamberg based DJ. She developed a profound love for different styles of music, but Hip Hop and RnB left the biggest impact on her. Her sets are influenced by everything from Bass, Soul, Funk, House and of course RnB and Hip Hop, creating a sound which has been called ‚conscious bootyshaking‘ by one of her friends. Her guest mix focuses on UK Garage, Hip Hop and RnB. Now available on Soundcloud!



Branko – Stand By (feat. Umi Cooper) [Petit Piment Remix]

IZCO – Feel

Frankel&Harper – Trimmers (instinct (Uk) Remix)

Higgo - Interlude

Bakey&Kasia – No Name Groove

Wookie – Battle (feat. Lain)

SynPal – Bryony Jarman (UKG RemiX)

UNXST – Dirty Bounce

SicStyle – Don’t look back

Mushkilla – Icarus

Lex Amor – Moesh (feat. DIPS&Lo-Wu)

Kruder&Dorfmeister – Where shall I turn

ROBANZEE – Miracles

JM7 – Smoother than most

Junglepussy – Ocean Floor (feat. Wiki)

Jo_Tintin – SpottieOttieDopaliscious (HugLife Remix)

DJU DJU – Sunset Baile

Agajon&Layla - all of that

LAYA – Sailor Moon

Denzel Curry – Walkin



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