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Blends #073 | ft. DJ Süß

DJ Süß, a rising force in the music scene, is capturing hearts and minds with her incredible talent as a DJ, illustrator, and music journalist. With an impressive repertoire spanning various genres and a distinctive ability to create unforgettable experiences, DJ Süß is making waves both on and off the stage.


Sango – Kalimba Funk (Original Mix)

&ME – The Rapture Pt. II

Maz (BR), Antdot, Sued Nunes – Povoada (Remix)

Liva K – You Can Dance Now

Francis Davila, Jorge Andrade – Despacito feat. Tifany Meza (Mayen Remix)

Terry Hunter, Wayne Williams, Chantay Savage, Steve Graeber – Not Gon‘ Stop The House

Ken @ Work – Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody

Barry Can’t Swim – Sunsleeper

Liva K – A Sunday Afternoon

Mazema – Vaalplaas

Culoe De Song – Webeba

Scott Pullen – Espirito Brasiliero

Mobi Dixon – House of Blessings feat. DJ Vitoto and Verseless

Reverend X – Orenda

Fiona Kraft – Deeper Feelings (MAGA Remix)

Idd Aziz, Afriindi – Toka (Blanka Mazimela Chairman Remix)

Safar (FR) – Memelles

Darque, Murumba Pitch – O Khokho


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