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Diggin' w/ A Vibe Called B

A Vibe Called B, the Birmingham-born DJ now based in London, brings a unique blend of eclectic, soulful, and electronic sounds that pay homage to her Caribbean heritage, love for Hip-Hop Soul & Future Beats. Fresh from a genre-bending performance at Cross the Tracks Festival, Boomtown Festival 2023, named a DJ Resident for Pirate Studios and AAJA Radio Resident, A Vibe Called B has played for the likes of New Balance, Spotify, BOXPARK, Soho House, Reprezent Radio, BBC WM, Future LDN, Girls Love Soul, No Signal, Nava LDN and more – cementing her status as a rising star in the UK and Europe's music scene.

Love to LANDEL who is a actually a Birmingham, UK bred artist! So I have to give my hometown some love. This production mixed with his flow/ cadence is fire. The title is so fitting for this track too - its sultry, eclectic, vibey and it immediately gives you that 'oouf' feeling with a stank face!

This project dropped a couple of weeks ago and its been a struggle to come off it! Oscar Worldpeace is an entire vibe - I love the whole project, but this is one of my Top 3 off the album! I'm very production first when I listen to music, so this one immediately caught me - then combining that with his trappy/skippy flow was the icing on the cake for me. It feels grimey, but yet I can slow whine to it ha!

OK so, this track in particular got mixed reviews from people - mainly because IDK is a straight rapper and Saucy is an openly gay rapper. I'm sorry, but someones sexual orientation shouldn't take away from the art - I'm glad Saucy brought his entire self to this one. This track is BOD. It's been on rinse and repeat since it dropped - are we hearing the classic MJ/Smokey/De La Soul/ 'Breakadawn' sample here but coupled with the classic Khia 'My Neck, My Back'? Are we hearing the chords here? I know the lyrics are 'outside' in areas LOL, but actually I think it's a dope fusion of worlds coming together, I'm here for it! It's been my gettin ready to go out track for a minute ha!

I mean, if you don't know Blue Lab Beats by now, what is going on here guys?! This instrumental is everything - boom bap energy, the flute section on it goes crazy with melody, love the bounce on drums and the instrumentation / composition overall is beautiful. You don't need any vocals on this one - the Flute does it all. I think it resonates with me more as I used to play the Flute also - and listen to 1min 53 seconds with the way the Flute 'flutters' - Lord!

Massive love to my boy el. who is one of my favourite upcoming Producers - every time something of his drops it's a wrap! This instrumental in particular is actually from a track with Omari Daudi (who's cadence and animation in the delivery of his vocals is dope) - everything from the way the drums knock, the way the claps slap', to the mix down, to the choir breakdown, and the lazy bounce to the bassline is just chef's kiss for me - one of his Top 5 beats!


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