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Diggin' w/ DJ Jazzmin

We are happy to introduce another big edition of "Diggin' w/". This time we got in contact with DJ Jazzmin from Cologne City! If you don't know her already, you definitely need to check her out. She is not only part of one Germanys biggest Hip Hop Crew named HushHush, but also has made herself a name by playing opening sets for Skepta, Anderson Paak, Kaytranada, RIN, and many more. DJ Jazzmin has also been participating at the famous DJ-Contest by Red Bull 3Style, where she reached the national finals and as well the Technics DJ Battle in 2019 finishing on the third place. When it comes to her Sets, Jazz mostly focuses on genre comprenhensive music which take you an a trip through the global most vibrating urban music scenes. As not forgetting the songs of the last decades, The 3Style-finalist is always on the hunt for upcoming sounds, especially in the german urban scenes. A good selection is always the priority as she says, but combining it with selfmade Mash Up, creative transitions and edits the 3Style-finalist is what make her sets a so special. DJ Jazzmin recently dropped a soothing R&B Mixtape on SoundCloud featuring songs by Brent Faiyaz, Summer Walker, col3trane and many more. Definitely something you should check out for the current winter time!


Ama Lou - All I can say

I grew up to the urban sounds of New York and London. I loved Nas’ poetry on Illmatic, Aaliyah’s soft R&B ballads and I also remember how Timbaland’s bass work left me mesmerized. Simultaneously I felt this special connection to London’s garage music scene and its wavy synths in the late 90s. Why am I telling you this? Cause Ama Lou’s song „All I can say“ blends everything together that I used to listen to when I was young. Its classical catchy bass synths and on top her husky voice remind me of the glory times of 2step. But the drill elements make it to something very modern. Simply one of my favorite tunes this year. Ama is not an insider’s tip anymore, but in my opinion, still does not draw the attention that she deserves as one of the queens of UK R&B."

CKay - Emiliana

"Nigerian Afrobeats was definitely my most loyal companion during the pandemic. The warmth I feel while listening to this genre is really hard for me to describe.

And Afrobeats is in a state of constant evolution right now and I love that the list of incredible new artists is getting longer and longer. For example: Lojay, Niniola, Tems, Ayra Starr AND Ckay. I am such a huge fan of Ckay’s vocal skills since his voice somehow reminds me of the smoothness of Wizkid’s voice that I love so much."

Artful Dodger, Robbie Craig & Craig David - Woman Trouble (Remix)

"A 2step classic that I re-discovered this year. When the clubs are open again I’m intending to play more classical 2step music. What I always loved about 2step is that it never tried to sound neither like house nor like R&B- but it was both in a fusion. Plus, Artful Dodger & Craig David are one of those iconic teams in music that have written history. I want them back in the clubs!"

Esta. - U make me

"Soulection’s Esta. with a trippy future beats twist to Usher’s legendary song „You make me wanna“. By the way, esta.’s Boiler Room London DJ set is one of my favorite DJ sets ever. I couldn’t put enough emphasis on how much impact Soulection had on the urban music scene. They are the ones who brought R&B and the great era of Neo Soul back to the clubs.

Bader - E Samba

"The energy of this Afrobaile anthem gets me every time. Can’t wait to play this on festival stages and see everybody dancing to it."

Albi X - Makalélé

"„Ma Keba eh. Yaka To Bina. Makélélé Tika Makéléle“ Play this hypnotizing tune in a club and watch what’s gonna happen…Albi X and his three best friends regularly came to our HushHush parties when we first started. And I still remember instantly noticing them due to the energy they filled the room with. A young man from Cologne with Congolese roots blending languages like Lingala, German, French & English and genres like Drill, Afrobeats and Trap into something so special. Plus, he is such a unique personality. I promise you, Albi is the most energetic artist you will ever experience on a stage! I really can’t wait to observe his further path - I am very certain: Big tings coming.


Thanks to DJ Jazzmin!


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