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Diggin' w/ DJ Süß

After listening to a really sophisticated Set by DJ Süß at the lovely Cute Community Space in Bochum we just had to get her featured for our Diggin'-series. DJ Süß, a rising force in the music scene, is capturing hearts and minds with her incredible

talent as a DJ, illustrator, and music journalist. With an impressive repertoire spanning various genres and a distinctive ability to create unforgettable experiences, DJ Süß is making waves both on and off the stage. But it is on the DJ stage where DJ Süß truly shines. As a resident DJ at the esteemed Stereo Bielefeld, she effortlessly commands the dance floor with her infectious energy and impeccable song selection. While her foundation lies in Hiphop and German rap, DJ Süß refuses to be confined by a single genre. Her sets are a kaleidoscope of sounds, effortlessly weaving through Baile Funk, House, Amapiano, Jersey Club, UKG, and more, creating an electrifying atmosphere that leaves audiences craving for more.

DJ Süß's unique ability to blend her diverse musical influences seamlessly is a testament to her deep understanding and respect for the art form. Her performances transcend boundaries, captivating listeners from all walks of life and taking them on a sonic journey they won't soon forget. Whether it's an intimate club setting or a festival stage, DJ Süß's infectious enthusiasm and creative prowess shine through, leaving a lasting impression on every dance floor she graces.

As DJ Süß continues to carve her own path in the ever-evolving music landscape, she remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and celebrating the beauty of diversity. With her infectious energy, remarkable talent, and unwavering dedication, DJ Süß is an unstoppable force, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.


PinkPantheress, for me, is by far one of the more interesting Artists out there right now. Her soft voice gives me chills every time and brings me to close my eyes and vibe to it. I Already liked the original song, but Hyalyte made a gem with this Amapiano Edit of „Just For Me“. It has a darkness within, which gives the track a mystical vibe, the drums are immaculate and just everything about it is just an enjoyment for my ears.

Jorja Smith is my Queen. Not only does she sing like an angel that came to earth, she also manages to jump on different genres, like UKG or house, like in this case. I just love the energy and airiness the track transports and still hides some planted “imperfections” in itself, which makes the track perfect in my eyes. Like Jorja sings, “It’s the little things that get me high” and that’s how I feel about music in general.

This track is not only dreamy but also is very driven by its whistle and I immediately get the urge to throw it back to it. It’s kinda like Hannah Montana: The best of both worlds.

I’m not going to stand here and pretend, that 90% of my music-library does not contain German-Rap. Especially Apsilon is on top of my most listened artists at this moment. If you don’t come from Germany: believe me when I tell you that you don’t have to understand the language to feel his energy, his vibe and his anger. To the people who are able to understand, I really don’t think I have to describe further. Apsilon is he shit, and the fact that he collaborated with Bazzazian for this tune is sickening. Bazzazian is to me one of the most iconic and interesting beat makers in German rap – no doubt.

This track was in my heavy rotation last year and recently made a comeback, and it has one reason: panes. I fear the takeoff of planes, so I need to listen to music, to calm me down. Normally I go for classical and piano dominated music. But last year I had the honor to talk to Fred Again for my work and his loving and kind personality made me so hooked for his music, so that I couldn’t wait to hear this release, which came out when I flew back home from my vacation in France. The plane took off at the very moment the sirens are in the center of attention. And to me, it made so much sense. This part just feels like taking off a plain – tense and weightless at the same time. Since I was on vacation recently, I came back to this track because I was reminded of how much this moment made with me. And same here: The plane took off at the same moment. So, I would say: Banger tune and the best if you need accompanying music for your next flight's takeoff.


s/o to DJ Süß! Discover more of her works on Soundcloud & Instagram.


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