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Diggin' w/ DJ SicStyle

When it comes to music, SicStyle positions himself mostly in Bass, Electronica and Hip Hop segments. His innovative selections are heavily inspired by Baile Funk, Soul, Grime, and Footwork. Including his own productions and edits like his recent collaboration with producer homie Franchise which found it's way on a Soulection Radio episode. DJing in almost every German city, DJ SicStyle as well shared the big stages with names like Addison Groove, Stookie Sound or Masta Ace. What he likes the most though, are small clubs with good vibes. Founding the Collective "BASS EN MASS" with Dextar and Parkz in 2012 they are aiming to bring some proper Bass to Magdeburg. By this said, we are really glad he joined us on this feature and is giving us some insights in what he has been listening lately.


Cool Kids - Scam Likely

"Scam Likely is on the new Album "Before Shit Got Weird", I really like this one, especially because he used the old sample of Masta Ace's "Born To Roll" with new heavy hitting 808 sounds. Overall all of Cool Kids stuff is always proper.

Definitely underrated!"

Kelvin Momo - Heart & Soul

"I found some DJ Sets of Kelvin Momo and instantly got hooked. These sets were pretty minimalistic, but still sophisticated. Generally, I like it when the focus remains at the music, which some DJs today unfortunately tend to forget by going from the big drops to the next one. "Heart & Soul" of the Album "Ivy League" really caught my attention!"

Oakk - Bota

"In every single DJ Set of mine you will hear a Tune of Calgary based Producer OAKK.

"Bota" is taken from his latest EP "Gimme That"."

BZ - 2 G´s

"19 years old Rapper from Croydon, London caught my attention with this Track on the Netflix series "Top Boy". Protagonists cruising through London and this tune is playing in the background. I simply loved the vibe of that scene!

Introspekt - I Know U Want Me

"This song got the classic UKG Vibes, which I really like. Mixed with some proper Vocals and Chords. Really digging that! Introspekt is located somewheren in-between Grime, Jungle, House & Garage"


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