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Diggin' w/ Foudjo

Next up we got Foudjo from Bielefeld, who has his roots in the

Democratic Republic of the Congo. Foudjo started DJing in 2020 and is part of the Barhulo Soundsystem and Soulmatemusiq. As Foudjo says, music has always been a way to communicate himself to the world. It helps him to say the things he can’t say and the feelings he has are reflected in the music he listens and plays. Specialized in Afrohouse, Amapiano, Afrobeats, Baile Funk and other genres, Foudjo's goal is to eventually play across genres and take the listeners on a musical journey.

Below you can find his current favorite tracks and what they mean to him. Enjoy!


Albi x - Lele

"Albi X comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo like me and I was

lucky enough to see and speak to one of my favorite artists. He is very

funny, polite and has given me inspiring words for my musical journey.

The song gives me energy and it motivates me. Every time I hear this

song, I know that I can achieve great things if I work hard enough.

The whole song is rapped in Lingala, this is the most spoken language in Congo."

Dj CiroFox - Beach Vibe (LS)

"Meanwhile I play a lot of Afrohouse / Guetto/ Batida and I discovered the song by chance. It was located in a folder suggested to me by Soundcloud which contains similar tracks. The cover of the song appealed to me right away and I already knew some songs from the producer. I like the drum pattern and the melody about the song. The mix of the light melody and the drums give the whole song a groove that I like very much and therefore I decided to listen to more Afrohouse and put on."

JazziDisciples, Mphorza & Thlopzin - Final Touch

"I discovered Amapiano for myself in April 2020 through the Balconymix of the MajorLeagueDJZ. Amapiano is a hybrid of deephouse, jazz and lounge music characterized by synths, airy pads and wide percussive basslines. One of the main reasons why I fell in love with Amapiano is that the beat is set by the speed of the rattles and a lot of rough sounds are used. The nice thing about this song is that there are hardly any vocals in this song and the violin has enough room to unfold completely."

Jarreau Vandal – Saturday Love (VANDALIZED EDIT)

"I have heard these songs in various mixes, live sets and also live and never knew who the song was or what it was called. One of my best friends knew his name and sent it to me right away and since then I can’t do without this song. Jarreau Vandal is a DJ and producer who inspires me when it comes to playing but also when it comes to music production. The beauty of an edit is that it gives the original song a completely different vibe. The Baile Funk elements and the drums make the song faster, give it a nice grove. It’s one of my favorite edits and as a DJ I like to work with edits myself."

Juls, Jan Karis & George The Poet -Summer In The Ends

"Juls is also one of the producers I look up to and his debut album “Sounds of my world” exceeded all my expectations. The beauty of the song is the intro. Here we get from George the Poet a pair of advertisers and thought-provoking words. Music like this makes me dance right away and makes me forget my surroundings and I switch off. It’s like I’m diving into another world and forgetting everything about me for a brief moment."


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