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Diggin' w/ j.Digs

For this week we have reached out to j.Digs. He is a Vancouver based DJ and the founder of Up. Records. The Up. brand was founded in 2019 and has grown tremendously to become a brand synonymous with SoundCloud club edits. In addition to the Up. Records label, he hosts a monthly radio show “Up. Radio” which features his own sets, plus special guests.

1981 Tokyo - Serious Drug

"I lost my shit as soon as I heard this. What. A. Tune.

1981 Tokyo is one of my favourite new producers. I only discovered him last year but he’s put out a string of incredible tracks, and this is my current fave. Timeless".

Ballads - Heavy Hearts

"The first cut from Ballads’ new ‘slow healing’ album.

It’s a smooth R&B joint with a midtempo house beat. Has a really tasteful groove that you can get lost in."

HIRO - My Love

"*Shameless Plug* the first of two Up. Records releases on my list!

This is our latest offering and it comes all the way from HIRO in Japan. He flipped this dancefloor classic with some fresh Amapiano sounds. Lots of incredible layers to this one."


""The latest Up. Records release to fall victim to copyright laws. Unfortunately this one just got taken down from SoundCloud, but I’ve released it on Bandcamp because it’s too fire not to have out there. This track really grew on me and actually became my most played song of 2021 according to SoundCloud’s Year End Playlist.

Shout out Marco Pedro."

nikø. - REDBONE.

"My guy nikø. killed it on this one. Bringing new life to Redbone with the classic Isley Brothers sample. This one’s been in heavy rotation lately."


Thanks to j.Digs!

Make sure to check the latest episode of Up. Radio featuring Devarock!


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