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Diggin' w/ Savvv

For the first article of 2022, we got in contact with Savvv from Toronto, Canda. The self-taught DJ specializes in R&B, Future Beats, and neo-soul sounds. Her Journey started in February 2021 where she posted mixes onto her SoundCloud. After various guest mixes for platforms like Saturday Selects, Reprezent Radio and several other across Europe and the United States, she as well played a set at an event in Los Angeles ran by Andre Power of Soulection in November 2021. In July 2021, Savvv created her own radio show named "Jusss Listen Radio" which airs on Toronto-based station, ISO.FM twice a month. In the hour long episodes, you can expect lots of R&B and Future Beats and in some, a guest DJ taking over the second half of her show. Savvv loves to explore this genre by playing anything from classics to new music. Through this project, she built meaningful connections with the Toronto music community and Soundcloud community. Outside of her radio show, Savvv is DJing at various venues across Downtown Toronto.


Musiq Soulchild - Babygirl

"Musiq Soulchild will always be in my rotation. Babygirl is off his album ‘Juslisen’ which inspired the name of my radio show, JUSSS LISTEN. This album as a whole means so much to me and I wanted my radio show to be a reflection of how amazing and healing music is, which is why I named it after his album. This song is my favourite off his album and one I always come back to which is why it will always be in my top 5."


"I spend a lot of time searching for new music and I recently came across JVKINHO’s profile on SoundCloud. It amazed me that he is younger than me and creating such an innovative and soulful sound to the future beats genre. Music like this really inspires the way I curate my mixes because I continuously search for this specific sound to play in my radio shows."

PrdShogun - feelings

"I grew up listening to The Diary of Alicia Keys and Feeling U, Feeling Me has always been my favourite song off the album so when I found this future beats edit, it brought back that nostalgic feeling while the elements of future beats gave it a new meaning to me. I love finding edits of my favourite songs because it makes me appreciate the music even more and PRDSHOGUN really makes you feel the emotion behind this song with his edit."

Amerie - Boss Mischief (Unrelased)

Why Don’t We Fall In Love - Amerie alone brings me so much happiness but as I get deeper into future beats, I found a new love for refixes of my favourite music. This unreleased edit (that I requested) by Boss Mischief is a perfect blend of the original song with a creative twist.


"This has to be my favourite edit of the year. The first lyric is “never felt this before” and that’s exactly how I felt when I heard this for the first time. Everything from the loops, the beat and the lyrics makes me so happy. This song is the reason future beats is my favourite genre because there’s so much emotion and nostalgia yet something to look forward to."


Thanks to Savvv for the insights of her current favorite tracks!


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