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Diggin' w/ Woah Nelliee

Janelle Wharton, more formally known as "Woah Nellie" is a music journalist, curator, and DJ. Her career in music began in 2014 as a daytime radio host for her college radio station. After discovering platforms like Majestic Casual during that time, she aimed to create her own station where she would be able to showcase the future sounds she began to curate. During her last year of college, she was granted her own time slot to have her own radio show which she named Nitetide FM. Since graduating in 2018, she has built Nitetide into a biweekly show that highlights DJ's and producers from around the world. In addition to Nitetide, she also works as a music journalist highlighting and interviewing various artists and is also a curator for other platforms such as Souletiquette.


Kaytranada ft. Shay Lia - Chances

"I love this song mainly because of just the overall message. I think every creative person can relate to the process of taking chances on yourself to pursue your dreams and keeping that faith even when you're not yet at that desitaton. It's hard to be open about the journey to actualizing your dreams, so it's dope that Shay Lia was able to be vulnerable and capture this experience in song form. I feel like this song is a sleeper from that album haha, but I always play this and feel inspired."

SWV - Anything (Trackademicks Remix)

"This song has been on repeat for me as far as flips and edits go. I just love when people are able to take a song and give it a new life. Never did I think a classic R&B track could be turned into Amapiano and still go crazy! I love edits for the reason that it can expose people to not only a song they may have not heard of , but also a genre. I feel like this flip is a perfect example of that."

Drake - Feel No Ways

"Kind of on the mainstream side of things, but this song is always spring and summer feels for me. The album this song was on came out when I was in college and I just have memories of chill summer nights when this track was on rotation in the kickback playlist. It's probably in my top 10 favorite Drake songs. It definitely gives me a nostalgic feeling everytime I hit play."

Grimm Lynn - Whateva U Need

"This song for me is on heavy replays for one of my favorite pastimes which is driving around at night playing music. This track is so smooth and sensual, it just makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud. The vibe is just perfect for those night time jam sessions which I love."

"I've had this song in heavy rotation since I was in highschool. I went through a huge indie/indie pop phase during that time in my life and this track is one of the only ones I still play from that era. Something about the track just always puts me in a great mood. These days it just reminds me of a simpler time haha, but in general this song is just a great nostalgic track for me."


Recently Woah Nelliee dropped a new guest mix for our french colleagues of Bonita Music. Highly recommended!


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