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Diggin' w/ Abstract Dre

We back with another digging episode featuring Andrea Morales, better known as Abstract Dre. She is a DJ that was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Dre is a newcomer on the scene since her journey has only started out in 2019 when she posted her first mix to Soundcloud titled END YEAR 2019. Since then Dre has grown in popularity and has established herself as someone with an ear for good music. With popular guest mixes from Saturday Selects, Nu-Waves Radio, Miscé Sound, and Orange Juice Asia we see a variety in her selection. As Dre grew in her Soundcloud popularity, you see her establishing herself as an active role in the Soulection Discord Community. Co-hosting events with her peers, as well as taking a creative direction on the server. The combined effort really brought the global community together, as well as opening up opportunities for up-and-coming musicians. Across Abstract Dre’s social media you’ll find her in bio it says “i’ll be your fav dj one day” and she definitely will be yours really soon. So check out her great selection on this digging edition!


Dpat - Above Us (feat. Sango & Isles)

Much of the music I play or listen to is because of Soulection. In 2012 when I began using SoundCloud much of that music that you found wasn’t the type most people understood or were even open to. Soulection was and is always ahead of the curve and with the release of Above Us, it wasn’t any different. Featuring two of my favorite producers Dpat & Sango, seeing the early stages of Sonder and the insane bass lines from Sango. It really brought me up to a standard of music listening.

Matt Deguia - Champion Wrist

I can remember the first time hearing this song and thinking I need to have it. In 2018 SoundCloud music wasn’t typically found on streaming platforms so Shazam doesn’t really work for Soulection events. It took much diggin through SoundCloud and other mixes before I was able to find this track and the satisfying feeling of finally finding the track that has been playing in your head for the longest, this feeling can only be matched when I’m putting a mix together. When I think of the type of energy I want to bring to a set, this track comes to mind and it’s the perfect vibe switch.

Snoh Aalegra - Fool For You

Snoh Aalegra is a top artist for me, her music is something I always check for. I’ve been lucky enough to see her 3 times live and every time it’s a brand new experience. I have many memories attached to this song and the lyrics explain so much for me. Music for me has always been the emotions I don’t always know how to express.

Madlib - Loose Goose

Sound Ancestors is one of my favorite projects of 2021. The importance of good production is something I talk about with friends quite often. Loose Goose covers an array of sounds, from dancehall rhythms as well as elements of electronic music but with a sample from Snoop Dogg. Madlib is very West Coast and it always shows through this music.

Phabo - Jelly

Soulection really doesn’t miss. The whole Soulquarius album is really amazing! Phabo really brought that old-school 90’s feel to this music and with tracks like Jelly, it really reminds me why I love R&B so much. Bumping this track in my car with that bass it’s just perfect for those night drives. Phabo is really next up so definitely gotta keep an eye out for what’s next.


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