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Diggin' w/ Annabel

Annabel is a London based DJ with an addiction to remixes. During lockdown, she launched her own radio show “The Antidote” which has since ccumulated over 250,000 streams on Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Created to get the world dancing through hard times, she blends popular songs with world music genres from Afro House to Baile Funk, Dancehall, Reggaeton and more. Following the success of The Antidote, Annabel joined Twitch and used her lockdown savings to build her own PC and improve the quality of her live streams. She recently reached 10,000 followers on the famous streaming platform and celebrated this with a 10 hour stream and many special features. Now she’s a resident DJ at Adidas, a verified Twitch partner and she’s bringing her unique and energetic sets to the club! Her recent travels for work include Mallorca, Milan and Amsterdam - with a festival booking in France coming up this month. Because of her variety of genres and sounds, we wanted to know more about her current favorite tracks, so she kindly gave us an insight into her crates.

Discover Annabel via Twitch / Soundcloud / Instagram


Annabel & Patrick - Stereo Lust

Of course one of my own tunes is in the Top 5! This is the latest remix I’ve dropped on Soundcloud. I was feeling really inspired by Rich Tanner and Andy C’s “On The Floor” Amapiano remix and wanted to experiment more with fusing 00s dance tracks together with Amapiano beats. I laid down the framework and then took it to Patrick for the drop and master! He killed those log drums.

Kensaye - 2 Sexy

I love a filthy drop. And this is by far the filthiest Baile Funk drop in my sets right now. I don’t know how Kensaye did it - it seems so simple yet so effective. I love to mix this in a way that really maximises the impact of the drop, so I learnt that it’s all about drawing out the intro to build suspense with the listeners.

FS Green - At The Club

This had me hyped the second I heard it and the magic hasn’t worn off yet. It’s the ultimate party starter and there’s a really dope instrumental section in the intro where you can play around with acapellas before the hook comes in. Also… a moment of appreciation for FS Green and his sirens.


Mar’One had to be featured in this, whichever song it was. His production skills are unstoppable - he can flip any track on its head and totally recreate it. He produces a lot of UKG and Bass, which is what caught my attention when I discovered him. And this one is a guaranteed head turner, it gets the crowd every time! Drop a Mar’One tune and they’ll know you didn’t come to play.

Promessa - Borae

I’m a sucker for remixes, but I wanted to include an original in this. I actually heard it in a mix about two years ago and hunted everywhere for the track ID. Even the DJ didn’t know because it wasn’t on the mp3 metadata! Then by some miracle I came across it on Soundcloud months later. It’s the most beautiful melody and it just takes you to another world when you listen to it.


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