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Diggin' w/ Delicious Frequencies

Black Friction and Thelonious Mark like their music good and their beers cold. With that in mind and a few records on their shelves, they formed Delicious Frequencies in 2015 as both a stage moniker for their DJ sets and a name for their Soundcloud mix series. Tastes change and rearrange, but the general idea has always remained the same: Keep it soulful and warm, no matter if it’s Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Latin- and Afro-induced sounds or House. After 6 years, their mix series has almost 100 episodes under its belt and the two music lovers have shared the stage with the likes of the legendary Soul Rabbi, Retrogott, Twit One, Hodini, Acid Arab and Hade, as well as Detroit luminary Mike Huckaby (R.I.P.).


Thelonious Mark

Brainstory - Seasons

"Brainstory is a four-piece band from California and their sound can be anything from Soul and Psych to funky instrumentals with some serious Hip Hop roots.

I could’ve gone for any song on their “Ripe” EP, but „Seasons“ has this uplifting Spring vibe, which we desperately need in the gloomy German pandemic winter."

Abasé - Agangatolú

"I’ve been following Hungarian virtuoso Àbáse’s output for the past few years, but he’s straight up outdone himself with his new LP. He spent five months in Brazil, working with lots of different artists and recording every single instrument you hear on this LP on his Zoom recorder, just to then edit all those recordings piece by piece on his laptop. As a result, this entire album is basically a love letter to the rich music culture and heritage of Brazil - with a nod to everything from Samba and MPB to Candomblé and Funk Carioca. P.S.: Check out my buddy Johannes Wolff’s interview with him for WDR COSMO, if you want to learn more about the story behind this album."

Phoojun - Someatime

"Phoojun is an alter ego of British Broken Beat/House legend Phil Asher, who passed away earlier this year (RIP). Dope soulful Bruk material with a few industrial bleeps and bloops thrown in for good measure. It’s hard to believe that this tune is from 1999 as it sounds contemporary to my ears, especially the sound design."

Ashong and Tatham - Washed in You

"The whole „Sankofa Season“ EP is one of those records you can just listen to over and over again from start to finish. Great broken and moody Neo-Soul vibes with Kaidi Tatham’s signature touch on the production. Bump this EP while doing the dishes, cleaning your place, drawing, cooking or just kicking back with a glass of wine. Thanks to the mighty Twit One for hipping me to it!"

Natures Plan Feat AzymuthAnd Carina Andersson - Somewhere Beyond (Main mix)

"Nature’s Plan seems to be an alias of Marc Mac, one half of 4hero. This 12’’ is listed on Discogs as „Broken Beat/Future Jazz“, but it’s more of a sunny Jazz-Funk/Soul tune with legendary MPB/Jazz-Funk outfit Azymuth on the bass, drums and rhodes.

A perfect spin for bar gigs or a club warm up."


Black Friction

Donald Harrison – Mr. Cool Breeze

"Donald Harrison is my favorite alto Sax player at the moment, because of his versatile Style. No Matter if he is playing 240 BPM Bebop Tunes or smooth jams like Mr. Cool Breeze - it bangs!"

Onra & Quetzal - Give Something

"I listened to that tune way back when I started listening to beats (around the age of 15 or so). My YouTube algorithm suggested it a few weeks ago and I love listening to it because it brings me back to the good old times!"

Maceo Parker – Soul Power

"This one is on the list because me and my band started playing that tune! It was always a dream of mine to play a funk banger with a real band!"

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Logans Run

"Best name, best dudes, best music!

No one combines house, jazz and soul like these cats!"

Kenny Barron – Magic Dance

"Favorite Pianist at the moment! The first phrase of his solo on that tune just hits me differently every time!"


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