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Diggin' w/ DJ Smilez

DJ Smilez has ceremoniously transformed from a nightclub DJ to one of the most respected within the creative industry. He made a name for himself not only for his selection of music but for the energy and euphoric-like experience he projects when performing. He has achieved this by distinctively championing an unaccustomed sound that blends Global Club, Electronic & World Music.

Initially this was a remix I did with Ale Rossi, which we released, but when Mar'One hit us up with a demo we had to make another version available. This always gets the crowd going no matter which city I'm in.

This track never misses for me. Always will put you in a good mood and guaranteed to make you dance. This whole track is just a vibe!

The original version of this track is dope but when I found this remix I felt like it gave it a whole new life. Its infectious beat, catchy melody, and Davido's charismatic delivery, making it a perfect track to uplift any mood.

When I made this remix my whole perspective was to bring a classic Latin record and make it a Brazilian type beat. This innovative fusion not only celebrates the rich traditions of both genres but also creates a unique sound that transcends borders and unites diverse musical communities. I love playing this one!

This one to me is a classic track that I love to play. It's always in my playlists and always gets a spin especially at my Brazilian parties. 


s/o DJ Smilez!

Discover more of his works on Instagram & Soundcloud.


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