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Diggin' w/ Mewtip

For the first edition of our new website category called "Diggin' w/ ..." we got our man Matthieu Colard aka "Mewtip" passing through. The Paris based DJ and Founder / Host of @bonitapodcast, the first monthly podcast 100% dedicated to women artists within the Soul, RnB, Rap, Funk & Future Beats Community is showcasing his current 5 favorite tracks and of course has some words to say to each song. He first fell in love with music during his childhood with the sounds of Hip Hop Golden Era. Started breaking at the age of 13 and never looked back. Music has never stopped being part of his everyday life. his flow is inspired by his parents love for Soul & Groove, combined with a touch of futuristic beats. Genre bending and eclecticism are the key elements to his mixes. By this said, we are more than happy to have him on board for the first edition of Diggin' w/. So let's listen which Songs Mewtip has selected for us.


Laya - Sailor Moon

Laya is definitely one of my favorite discoveries of late 2020. First heard about her on Soulection Radio #481 and I honestly can’t help but bump to her music everyday ever since. I got a huge crush for “Sailor Moon” and “On sight”, I just love the early 2000’s vibe she brings. I can’t wait to talk more about her on the next Bonita episode!

Kaelin Ellis - Stripes

Kaelin Ellis is such a versatile producer and I love how he managed to put together a hybrid but very cohesive Latin / Jazz / Bossa nova vibe on “Stripes”. The track makes me instantly feel like I’m in a record shop somewhere in brazil. It also reminds me a lot of the type of sample Madlib would be playing around with and I love that.

Sujazz - Ultimatum

The latest release of my favorite person ever. Being apart from my soulmate isn’t always easy but her music allows me to have her voice and presence in my room somehow whenever I need it. I’m very proud of what she’s doing at the moment and I’m so excited for some other slow vibes to come and more.

Ateyaba - Moonwalk

I’m a huge fan of Ateyaba, he's like the hometown hero. He is one of the few rappers from Montpellier to be doing it on the big stage and to be considered one of the dopest in the french rap game right now. Though he has been very enigmatic and vanished for years after announcing an album back in 2017 called “Ultraviolet” which has yet to come out, I’m very happy to finally see new releases from him again. Rumors say that “Ultraviolet” has been mixed and mastered beginning of December, Which I hope very much !

Sebjin - Monitor

This is the one track I officially played the most on soundcloud throughout the year 2020 and it only came out 4 months ago. A masterpiece coming from my brother and future beats prodigy Sebjin. The kick, the bass, the sound design, everything just sits so right together. The energy coming out of this beat inspires me to jump into some heavy workout or even get me wanting to put my hands back on the floor and go back to some of my old breaking combos


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