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Diggin' w/ Omoidé

For this months Episode of "Diggin' w/", we asked Ray Espiritu aka Omoidé for his current favorite Tracks. He is a well-known Chicago-based producer and artist who has been making waves in the last two years with DJs and radio shows such as Soulection, The Future Beats Show, and Souletiquette. He has garnered widespread acclaim from his peers across the internet and around Chicago as a producer who can do it all. Initially inspired by the sounds of J Dilla, Omoidé strives to create sounds that are familiar, yet continuously challenge the boundaries of hip hop, R&B, and soul.


Dinner Party - LUV U

Lately this track has been so important to me on multiple levels. Musically, I always love how Robert Glasper can blend hip hop, jazz, and R&B so effortlessly, and 9th Wonder’s drums throughout this project serve as a blueprint for how to make drums simple and emphasize sample choice. On a personal level, this track plays a shared playlist between my girlfriend and I, and this is just one of many in that playlist that hits you in the feels.

K, Le Maestro & Chester Watson - COME AROUND

K, Le Maestro was one of the first few guys back in 2017 who picked me up and added me onto his playlists on Soundcloud to showcase up-and-comers. To see him on the rise and do all of this while he’s still in school should be inspiring to all those who have a passion for the arts while holding down a 9-5 or homework.

Mint Condition - Someone To Love

I only found out about Mint Condition this year, but I immediately fell in love with their entire catalogue. I’m such a sucker for R&B slow jams back in the late 80s into the early 90s. The break/outro section in the last minute always gets me with the saxophone and the stacked vocals!

Hiatus Kaiyote - Stone Or Lavender

I fell in love with Hiatus Kaiyote around 2015 when I listened to a mix on Soundcloud and “Fingerprints” first came on. There was something about that chord progression that moved and inspired me. This track from their newest album is no different, and one day I hope I can work with a string ensemble to make something this beautiful.

Lil Baby & Kirk Franklin - We Win

Just Blaze has always been one of my favorite producers just because of how much energy he puts into his drums. I think of tracks like “Hovi Baby”, “The Ruler’s Back”, and “Show Me What You Got” that are bombastic and live-sounding when I think of his production style. Major bonus points for having gospel influence in this track as well thanks to Kirk Franklin.
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