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Diggin' w/ Romixed

Romixed is a up-and-coming DJ based in Cologne. Music has always been a huge part of her life as she grew up to Caribbean rhythms. Moving from a small village to Cologne and learning how to DJ allowed her to put her passion on another level. Now she combines a variety of genres that influenced her as a person such as Hip Hop, House, Latin, Afro, and Future Beats. For Romixed it’s all about the vibes that a track transfers no matter the direction so she always keeps an open mind while digging new inspiring music.


Jorja Smith x Guiltybeatz - All of This

I fell in love with the sound of Amapiano beats over the last year due to different influences. Even though Guiltybeatz is not from South Africa he did a good job here and it just shows the versatility of his productions. The track transfers melancholic summer vibes which I love and I’m just a huge fan of Jorja Smith so this one had to be on top of my list.

A$AP Rocky - D.M.B.

When I first heard the song and saw the short visuals on Spotify, I felt like in trance. I had to watch the whole video instantly and it really lets you feel the connection between Riri and A$ap, it’s just a beautiful love declaration and an artwork at the same time.

IAMNOBODI - Seperated

Every production and remix from IAMNOBODI creates a unique mood and for me it’s especially this track that got me really hyped. I just love hearing it whenever I’m on the train or walking around the city. It feels like the intro of a rap song but focuses more on the beat itself. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit short but maybe that is the key to make it so special to me.

Sainte - Champagne Shots

For a while I heard this track on a daily basis because it’s gives me really chill and almost therapeutic vibes. I used to start the day with this song while getting ready. Since then, it’s an inherent part of my playlist. Sainte managed to establish his own sound in the UK Rap scene, which is really laid back and smooth.

Bad Bunny & BombaEstereo - OjitosLindos

I probably started to listen to Bad Bunny and BombaEstéreo at the same time during my time abroad in Colombia and at this time both were rarely known and underrated. Now they are internationally recognized, and their music is played almost everywhere. BombaEstéreo were always ahead of their time, combining electronic beats with reggae, cumbia and Hip-Hop influences. When I first heard the song, I felt teleported back to my time in Colombia.


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