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Diggin' w/ Sgamo

Alessandro Nuzzo, aka Sgamo, is originally from the South of Italy and is based in Milan for 5 years now. As a DJ and entrepreneur, he plays a prominent role in the Milanese nightlife. In his DJ sets, Hip Hop and Bass Music are harmoniously mixed. While in recent years he has enriched his baggage of collaborations and initiatives by playing in some of the most recognized places in Italy, Spain, UK, France and many more. he is undoubtedly one of the the most prolific figures in the Italian scene! Sgamo is as well the head of “wegoing.sound". The community, born during the quarantine period, has strengthened the link over the years and has begun to organize events and growing gradually throughout Italy and subsequently abroad. In the utmost year, some of the guests were: Jarreau Vandal, Central CEE, Jengi, Jael, Andre Power, FS Green, Paris Aden, Chamos, Night Skinny, Kevin Kofii, Drea, Cezaire, Greg Willen, Rkomi and others. The goal of we going.sound, as he himself explains, arises from the need to bring together prominent DJ from all over the world.

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Waxfiend - Hey Hey (Amapiano Remix)

Oh fam, that 2ND DROP! I I have nothing but love for African music, all that eclectic stuff that nyege nyege tapes releases is top notch. But I have to be honest, I don’t play too much Amapiano, I think its rhythm doesn’t fit my needs as a DJ but when it come to tunes like this I can only raise my hands up, the blend of electronic sound design with the bass and log drums, the long build up with them catchy vocals. Huge Tune.

Austin Marc - put your back in it

When it comes to dance music for me it’s important to have at least one tune in my set that has all the elements that I love merged together, that’s why this is the perfect tune for me. The “Show Me Love” pluck, the Lafayette/Jay-Z brass sample, the Baltimore/Jersey drum pattern and, last but not least, the Master At Work vocal. Masterpiece!

DV-US - All Of The Lights [Refix]

Is “all of the lights” on the best song ever? Probably yes. And is deep dubstep one of the best electronic music genre ever? At least one of my fav. This tune is very anthemic, midrange brasses plus low frequencies wobbles etc. I love to play this tune when the party is about to end and see how the last people enjoy vibing to it.

Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)

My absoulte favorite song! Potentially one of the reasons why I’m djing. The combination between the young Adele voice and the liquid drum n bass beat plus the sped up piano. Definitely on a another level. Be sure that if I spin as the last dj in some very intimate party I will surely drop it!


Okay, this song is here for many reasons. First of all because Franchise is a dope producer and one of the first who believed in the possibility of creating something together. 2nd because this tune represents the start of everything, I came up with this blend during my first Rinse show that was supposed to be played live before pandemic hitted but then since I posted it on social media mentioning all the producers in the tracklist and most of them reacted very well. At a certain point of the mix you can hear the transition from a Franchise edit to Justin Timberlake to Pop Smoke. He heard it and he was cool with it. That’s how we can have this tune now! Got many more edits forthcoming after studio sessions I did with many homies all over Europe, be ready for them!


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