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Diggin' w/ T. Couture

T.COUTURE is a DJ & multi-creative based in Tampa, FL. She’s the founder of Couture’d Radio which is a monthly independent radio/mix introducing her favorites and soon to be yours - dedicating sounds from all over such as Hip-hop, Instrumentals, R&B, Future Beats, World sounds and more mixed together to complete as one. Healing through sounds and being a curator of mixes/playlist and atmosphere has always been such a passion of hers. At an early age of about 12 she really started to pay attention to the music that was always being played around her. Whether it was from family members or friends, she was constantly being introduced to different sounds and artists. Now that she’s currently 22 and has the knowledge and skills of a DJ, she’s returning the favor and is now introducing her favorites and soon to be yours with her monthly platform - globally! She’s recently expanded her love for art by focusing on graphic designing as well, where she can express herself in a colorful & abstract way. While doing so, in February of 2021 she's launched a merchandise line titled “Couture’d Goods” which is the official merchandise that is powered by Couture’d Radio. We had great conversations with her via e-mail and are now more than happy to introduce you to Diggin w/ T. Couture!


Slum Village - Players (Prod. by J. Dilla)

Growing up my mom was a big fan of Slum Village. I would always hear her talking about a lot of artists/groups she would listen to growing up and when the time came I went ahead and discovered who some of those artists were and man - I’m so happy I discovered Slum Village. Such a timeless group that has made countless amounts of classics & “Players” was one of them. J Dilla was a genius. The way he samples & chops up tracks is pure talent. He’s literally influenced so many people who are beginning to produce or whose been in the game for years and it’s amazing to witness. I’ve always thought SV as a whole has such a smooth flow and I absolutely love that. Dilla’s beats continuously complimented SV’s rhymes!

Sault - Son Shine

Sault is a group I actually discovered in late 2020 when we were all really REALLY deep in the pandemic over in the states. It was a ton of weird + confusing times back then but, the only thing that really seemed to make sense was the music of course. Sault gives me neo-soul/soulful feels. This track in particular literally makes me so happy! I remember I was actually on my way to the beach when I gave this song a listen. Music is about feeling. If it’s not a good feeling then, that song just isn’t it sadly, haha. The bridge of this track where it loops “Your love’s protecting me” is golden. This, also at a slower pitch/BPM is beyond fire - shoutout to Joe Kay haha!

Solange - Almeda

Solange is a huge inspiration for me as an artist of multiple mediums. She reminds me of myself in so many ways - she writes, sings, choreographs + directs. Her incorporating her blackness in her crafts is definitely appreciated because it shines a light on those who are like myself. In the track Almeda there’s a verse where she says “Black skin, Black braids, Black waves, Black days, Black baes...these are black owned things” and for me that meant everything. Playboi Carti being featured on this track at the time was also amazing & sort of different (but, in a good way haha) it gave it a more diverse feel as far as blending genres and that’s always a plus.

A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum

Bonita Applebum was one of the very first tracks I heard from A Tribe Called Quest. My parents were actually the ones who put me onto them and I’m so happy they did. In my opinion I believe A Tribe Called Quest still goes down as one of the best Hip-Hop groups ever. I’ve recently found “Midnight Marauders” on vinyl and that changed everything for me! Bonita Applebum’s beat alone grasped my attention. The smooth/jazzy feel and their flow in this track was all very mellow and it felt right. Every time I spin Bonita Applebum in a set, everyone is either singing along or simply bobbing their heads. It’s a classic and it was REAL Hip-Hop!

NxWorries - Kutless

Anderson.Paak and Knxwledge are really that dynamic duo. NxWorries was a duo that we never knew we really needed! Kutless was my top 5 favorite track of their album “Yes Lawd!” Knxwledge is one of my favorite producers and he’s honestly one of the reasons I got into flipping tracks and mashing them up with different instrumentals. I’m excited for NxWorries to come back, I know it’s going to be nothing but heat!


Ayeee! Thanks to T. Couture for taking part in this article and the nice conversations via e-mail!

Make sure to check the latest Couture'd Radio episode on Soundcloud.

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