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Diggin' w/ Turna

TURNA is a producer and DJ from Manchester, UK, and co founder of future beats collective Left and Right. Taking inspiration from jazz, hip hop, funk and house to create distinctive edits and remixes, TURNA has recently been featured on BBC 6Music, BBC 1Xtra, Soulection Radio, Rinse FM, NTS Radio and KISS FM. Let's have a look which songs have been on heavy rotation for Turna. Also make sure to isten back his latest guest mix for The Groove School Show with Reuben Green!


Earth, Wind & Fire - In the Stone

I've become a bit obsessed with Earth, Wind & Fire lately. Killer opening track to "I Am," "Boogie Wonderland" is probably the biggest hit from this record but this track is my favourite. Their songs have a complexity to their arrangements and melodies but always with groove and feel. I love how this song takes you in different directions, especially towards the end, it's almost like 3 bangers all in one.

Katus Myles - P&P

Been rinsing this since it came out. Katus Myles is an artist from Birmingham who I just discovered about a month ago. This track's got a solid bassline throughout and some snappy drums with Katus displaying his versatile vocal ability. Definitely an artist to watch out for!

Karriem Riggins - Summer Maddness S.A.

Quite an old track now but one I went back to recently. Low tempo but high energy. Great sample of "Olha O Menino" by Caetano Veloso, which is a track I may not have heard if it weren't for Karriem Riggins, another example of why sampling is one of the best technological advancements in music production, ever.

Emma-Jean Thackray - Say Something

This track blew my mind the first time I heard it. Emma-Jean Thackray is a multi-instrumentalist from Leeds and is a huge inspiration for someone like me who's aspiring to be able to play lots of different instruments (not very well) on my own productions. The track incorporates Jazz and House that builds to a fusion of synths, drum fills and a mantra of "Don't Just Speak, Say Something." One day I'll see this performed live I hope. The album is called "Yellow," and I urge everyone to check it out

Outkast - Rosa Parks (AYZON Flip)

Been dropping this in lots of sets lately, this one goes hard! I discovered Ayzon through Jakarta Records, and subsequently discovered he has produced lots of sick edits that are available on Soundcloud, I can't believe it took me 2 years to find this one though. As soon as you hear the opening bass line you know you're in for something special. It's a completely different feel to the original which is why I love remixes so much where this version has a much darker tone. I would also recommend checking out Ayzon's "Invisible Man" EP.


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