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Dojo celebrating 1 Year

Dojo is inviting you to celebrate their birthday with them! On April 18 it's the first anniversary of the start of their journey with Dojo Studio and Twitch. A year in which they were able to experience many cool moments and distant parties with you despite the crazy situation. Through the Dojo and the streams they have created the opportunity to continue to present DJ and club culture to you. That's why they would like to say thank you again to all subscribers, donators, cheerer, because without you all this wouldn't be possible. Also, of course, thanks to all the old and new friends and all those who come out in the chat and make the stream what it is. To celebrate their anniversary they have invited a bunch of cool people who have accompanied them throughout the year. From April 16 to April 18 they will sweeten the weekend with a little DJ-Festival. So tell your friends, fill up the rum and caffeine supplies, bring the kids to grandma's and treat yourselves to the hardest party weekend with them since party weekends stopped. The Stream starts Friday, April 16 at 5 PM CET and go on until Sunday. They will drop the timetable the next days on their Instagram!


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