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Introducing: Ellaime

Ellaime is an Amsterdam based Producer/DJ. His house oriented sound will keep you moving and he likes to surprise with unexpected edits and originals that you don't hear often. We reached out to him to get more insights into his works!


How did you get into music and especially djing? I started out making music in FL Studio, but when I wanted to take things more serious I took a Producer/DJ course in Amsterdam. That’s where I learned the basics of Ableton and DJing. I have always considered myself a producer first and then a DJ, but thanks to a good friend of mine I got my first club gig not long after that course. From that point on my DJ career took off and here we are now. How would you describe your creative process when creating new music Mixtapes or even live sets? In every set I try to play a couple of lesser known tunes that not many people know, either originals or edits that aren’t overplayed. In 2020 I did a lot of guest mixes which I loved doing because those are the ones where you don’t have to react to an audience and really express yourself. For every set I start digging on Soundcloud and Spotify to find tunes that are in the same vibe that fit mine as well as the event/platform’s sound. I also have some playlists on both Soundcloud and Spotify where I save tracks that I want to download and DJ in the future. How would you define your sound? As LPACA my sound was very eclectic, I was playing house, UKG, afro-house, afro and future beats. With the rebrand to Ellaime I’m more house oriented with UK influences. As a DJ I’m still more versatile with house as the main genre but also UKG, future beats and afro-house tunes can be heard. My latest edit pack is a good example for this: most of the tracks are house but there are also afro-house, UKG and even jungle tunes in there. The originals that are coming out will vary between 110 BPM bouncey house stuff up to 130 BPM house tunes.

Which artists and sounds influence you the most when producing new tracks? I’ve always been a huge fan of the Kaytranada bounce and the Disclosure synths and I think you can hear those influences in my productions and sets as well. But I also listen to a lot of Sam Gellaitry, both the future beats- and house tracks that he made. I try to make different tunes every time to keep it fun and not repetitive. The tunes I release are not the only thing I’m producing, I like to try everything. Besides the electronic tunes I also really like Tom Misch and Masego, they are big influences for me as well. Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future? That’s a good question, the obvious answer would be Kaytranada or Disclosure and hopefully that will be the case one day. Looking more realistically at this moment I would like to collab with GEE LEE, I really dig his sound. I also have collabs with a couple of producers like Kevas and Deibeato, and you can expect more of those as well!


Discover more of Ellaime on Instagram & Soundcloud!


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