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Introducing: Piccell

African rhythms and sounds which take your soul to another level. That's what Dortmund based DJ Piccell stands for. A mixture of AfroTech, Guetto Zouk, Kuduro and Gqom. From an early age music has always played a big part in his live, as well while living in Germany's melting pot. Piccell loves to experiment with various sound patterns, there is only one rule the music has to have the right vibe. Currently DJ Picell is working on his own productions as well on his own ConceptStore "NeuerName". He is DJ of Dortmund's Barulho Soundsystem, Freak d'lAfrique from Berlin and as well Bochum notorious Purple Pandaz Gang. We got the chance to ask Piccell some questions regarding his works as DJ and upcoming Producer.


How did your journey as a DJ start?

I have been introduced to music in an early age. My whole family is really into all kinds of sounds. As well I participated in a Choir also have been a multiinstrumentalist for a Band. Actually, I started producing before I came to DJing. When I was a trainee I met up regulary with a friend who was interested in starting to DJ as well. Shortly after that, he started his succesful career as DJ KayLuv. For me it took some time because I was really into Photography back then, which took a lot of free time.

How would you describe your creative process when you work on Mixtapes or Sets?

First of, I think about which vibe I want to create. That's the point where I go through my music library or will dig some new sounds online. I take them all in a track pool and see spontaneous which fits the vibe I wanted to create.

How would you define your sound?

Drums, Drums, and more Drums. And a proper Bass! That's when it get's really exciting for me.

Which artist or sound influcences you the most when you are producing muic?

I love to play with various sounds from genres like Kizomba and Kuduro, which have their origin in my country Angola.

With whom will you colaborate soon?

I will colabore with Breyth and Shimza really soon.


Recently DJ Piccell did a guest mix for our friends of Noctarium.

Make sure to check this whole mix!


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