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Introducing: QLAQUÉ

QLAQUÉ is an undercover production duo, newly formed at the beginning of 2020. It consists of a Swiss/French mixed group of two producers. The core element in QLAQUÉ is the music being highly danceable. Their ambition in creating a vast range of moods, sounds, and genres, while keeping their signature sound is incorporated into their identity. They, therefore, live up to their own motto „unconventional music for unconventional people”. The identity of the duo is kept a secret. The main sources of inspiration for QLAQUÉ‘s sound range from 80s Disco & Funk groups such as Kool & The Gang, over to some of their childhood heroes in the electronic music scene like Daft Punk, all the way to artists in Hip Hop, French Rap, Alternative R&B, Drum & Bass, 2-Step and Baile Next to actively releasing new Remixes & Edits on SoundCloud, they also released two EPs entitled 'SELECTED EP' and “FRENCH HOUSE FOREVER” in the years 2020 and 2021, and are the main producers of their long-time friend & upcoming Electronic/Pop artist “Chris Karell”.


How did you get into music and especially DJing?

both of us started DJing at the age of around 16/17, both having grown up in families that were very open minded musically and therefore listening to a lot of different music like 70s Rock, 80s Disco & Funk, 90s Hip Hop etc. Having learned to DJ through YouTube and then playing at friends‘ parties for their birthday was a starting point.

How do you define your sound?

Our sound is everything from Baile Funk, Afro House to UK Garage/2-Step mixed with French House and Dancehall. Unconventional music for unconventional people - that‘s our motto.

How would you describe your creative process when creating new music and mixtapes / live sets?

We like music that moves us physically or that is fun and interesting to listen to, due to multiple elements or special signature sounds etc. We like to listen to unconventional music as well and a whole range of different genres, which makes us get inspiration from everywhere to mix it up into a cocktail of music styles and genres.

Which artists and sounds influence you the most when producing new tracks?

Lately we have been listening to a lot of Drum & Bass with artists such as Kanine or Camo & Krooked, redefining where the levels in amazing sound-design and mixing can be. Apart from that, of course we will forever be huge fans of great artists like Daft Punk or Michael Jackson that won‘t stop from inspire and amaze us

Which artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

There are plenty of people we‘d love to collaborate with, but rather than answering with a huge artist‘s name here, we will go for a realistic one like a friend of us Nick Tammer, songwriter for some bigger artists in the UK Dub scene.


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