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Introducing: Rody G

As a producer and performing artist the name Rody G impresses the music industry. With his style of all kinds of music, specific drums, and drops in his productions, Rody G pushes himself away from the others to stand in the spotlights. With a passion for an assortiment of genres, Rody G knows how to touch a wide audience, with both rave rocking and booty-shakin' energy. Rody G brings his listener's an eclectic taste from modern day hip-hop, future beats, dancehall, afro beat, and deep discovery of edits. He's recognized for his variety selection in music that he brings out to his shows with his smooth blends and uptempo energy.

The signature sound of Rody G he owns was born in the Netherlands which he blends with his african roots to bring something new. You can tell it's the sound of Rody G when you hear his productions and when he is performing, standing still ain't possible


How did you get into making music?

I started when my father gave me a macbook as surprise. When I discovered GarageBand, that’s where it all began. Using loops at first to experiment and discover my sound. After a while i started to make my own melodies, own drums. Then I learned how to sample stuff. I first started of making House Music; Progressive House, Latin House, Afro House, Tech House.

How would you define your sound?

My sound has got no labels, no genre’s. It’s like I’m taking existing genre’s, picking out the element I like the most about it and blending them together to create something else.

How would you describe your creative process when it comes to making tracks?

I only start up Logic Pro X when I’m really feeling creative and inspired. I’ve tried to make music on demand, but then it won’t be as good as I thought it would.

But it usually starts with the melody that’s stuck in my head, after that I try to imagine what kind of beat would fit the best. And after that I will work it out in the DAW. Sometimes the outcome is totally different from what I had in my mind. But that’s the part I love about making music.

Which artist or sound influence you the most in your work as a creative?

There are a lot of artists that inspire me, but also, different kind of producers. Timbaland is like the king for me. I also follow a lot of producers on SoundCloud who have their distinct sound.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to work with Wizkid one day, because of the afro beats he choose’s, I know why he chose that beat and why he’s doing that specific thing on the beat.


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