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Introducing: Ryshon Jones

Philadelphia based Rapper Ryshon Jones recently dropped his EP called "Overly Consumed". He gave us some insights about his creative process behind the EP and much more.

How would you define your sound?

My sound is human.

Which artist or sound influences you the most in your work as a creative?

I can say I'm influenced by a range of people like King Krule, Mavi, Kendrick Lamar, MIKE, and many others. I'd also give credit to Life itself as a leading influence. Having the ability to go through things and then turn those things into music has been really interesting to me. As of late I'm finding it more intriguing because I think I'm currently in a phase where I'm intentionally working on myself. Having music as an outlet allows me a space to dive deeper into myself in a creative way. I think as artists sometimes we don't realize the hidden messages we are leaving for ourselves in our creations.

How would you describe the creative process behind your EP?

The creative process behind my EP was something that went through many changes, just like everything I do. In July I made 90% of an album. As someone who is an over-thinker, I was shocked that I was creating at such a rapid pace. I think I was inspired by the new Kendrick Lamar album. What happened though was I realized the album I made wasn't great, and that it was just cool to get that energy out of my system and see myself create freely. Then I made most of the music for the EP in one weekend while I was dog sitting for my Father. There was no real method to it to be honest. I had some instrumentals that were moving me and a few lines turned into full songs.

Do you have a personal favorite Track of the EP?

Today I'd say my personal favorite is the entire thing.

How is the feedback on the EP so far?

The feedback has been good so far. I think what I like the most is that people are acknowledging my growth as an artist and acknowledging my lyrics. For me the greatest compliment is for someone to understand what I'm saying in my music. It's truly amazing to see because these are songs that were once to myself in my laptop. Then in a blink of an eye they are now being shared on social media with people speaking on how they resonate with it.

Are there artists with whom you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I'd love to work with Alchemist. I'm pretty sure there are other people I can think of but for the longest time my goal is to one day have a full project produced by Alchemist.

Can you tell us more about your plans for the future? What's next up after your release?

My plan at the moment is getting my EP around as much as possible and I'm already working on my next shit now. I held myself back for years from releasing music because I was trying to be so perfect. I spent mad time focusing on an album that kept changing, and I think right now I'm basking in the fact that I've freed myself from that mindset. You can expect more music from me next year, as early as January. Currently seeking the right visual team as well to get working on some ideas that I been harvesting for a while.


Thanks to Ryshon Jones for the insighs. Make sure to discover his latest work "Overly Consumed" out now on all platforms here!


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