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Introducing: S!RENE

Before our event with S!RENE on Saturday, we didn't want to miss out an zoom call with him talking about his early influences in music, his freshly released EP

"Tales of Lusan" and much more.

How did your whole music journey start?

My sister was really into music, such as 2000 HipHop & RnB stuff. We were a christian family and grew up with gospel music as well. It was until I was 14 - 15 years old, when I actually got interested into djing. I always wondered what can I do with this thing. While other kids ran around outside, I just kept practicing and practicing all by myself in my youth neighborhood around my corner, cause you know how much CDJs may cost. They opened up once a week and I've spend there hours for hours. One time my laptop was not working and I didn’t know what to do, then I found out then you could play music with those CDJs just with a USB stick and it was all good. I didn't know what I was doing at first, but after some time, watching videos and playing around I've found my own way. I started playing around with House & EDM because it was popular at this time. Then I combined it with Moombahton, because I wanted to add something different. Just starting small, uploading some mixes on SoundCloud and it all rolled from there, this was the beginning of a sick rollercoaster.

How would you define your sound?

I would define it as a sound that’s evolving, as much as im evolving as a human being. When I started of, like I said playing House, EDM & Moombahton, afterwards I played a mix of all kind of genres that I love. My sound grows with me and in the meantime it became more adult, more experienced and educated. It dives more in the history of music now. Its spiritual! When Soulection came along that was really a turning point for me. The producers, artists and the sounds were so crazy. In my mind I was a little bit older as I really was, I linked up with all the guys because I felt so connected to the sound. It was a whole new sense of music for me. So these dudes where all influencers of music for me, who showed me a whole new world.

Your recently released your EP called “Tales of Lusan” what was the creative process behind the EP and how is the feedback so far?

The EP showed me where I stand in my career besides the edits. 2018 - 2019 I started making these club edits and they just blew up worldwide, all of them! “just keep going, keep going”, It was amazing. I was always struggling with the fact that it was not my own music, even if I love making them. It was someone else before who had the vision. Like, I just want to make my own stuff, something that lasts. Two and a half years ago, especially with the upcoming of Amapiano, all in the combination of Afrobeats, I just made the connection from south Africa vibe to afrobeats and it felt right because the sound is so different, and it fits to vision to be different.

So, my creative process in the last year was very tough. I did the most shows outside of my country, It was the first time I flew so much. It was very crazy, I just picked up so many new experiences. I also wanted make more music but it didn't came up, also because of the fact that I wanted to focus on original music. It will last longer, but it needs inspiration and time but for example the first track, I made it in the summer, I was laying there around and thought “Yeah it's nice, but it's not an edit, maybe its for something else”. And after the summer I came in this creative flow, went on vacation to Italy with my girl, and I played the track “Lusanya”. We both said, it could actually go somewhere, this could actually kill the club! I think when I was making that one, theres actually something more in there. So shout out to my girl at this point. Much inspired by her, she said she missed something soulful on the EP. And I was like ok, I’ll make an EP. I wanted to combine all of my influneces from Jazz, Soul to Amapiano and Afrobeats and within two months I made it. I linked up with the master guys, a friend of my girl made the artwork and all in all - the feedback is amazing bro! It's not about the numbers, even if my edits are played a lot. Its about the impact that it brings. The moment I dropped something, I actually touched someone with something I made. But living in this capitalistic world, you should not forget how special music is to all of us. The most important thing is, that its timeless for me, even in 20 years I will think oh that’s slaps! The beautiful thing is, it keeps growing and I’m really happy with that. That's the story until now but its still going.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Well, one is already in the works with Jarreau Vandal. This collabo will be out this year for sure! I also like the whole idea behind this one. I wanted to to a track which has to do with my culture and Jarreau Vandal had the same vision on this. Also he was in a kind of block where he couldn't get further with a track and reached out to me. I was like, wow I just started producing 2 years ago and he's asking me. That was crazy for me! This also told me that I'm on the right path. Funny thing I haven't collabed with Dave Nunes, and we have been homies for so long. Same goes out to Tera Kora In terms of guys, that I feel I can't reach yet. I definitely would say Juls, he's amazing and one of my biggest insparations. Also JAEL's approach is really unique regarding music. Also Kaytranada and FKJ would be so cool, like Just sitting with them in the studio and creating something. For the rest, there is a long long list. So many dope artists I would love to work with, but I still have ways to grow.

You will join us on our 4th Hunnid event. What can the people expect from you on this night musically?

High energy! It's my second show of the year. I'm playing in Hamburg the night before so I'm really pumped up regarding my Europ Tour. I'm hyped and gonna play stuff from the EP, and really want to go deep with the music as well. I want to give music new knowledge about songs. The most beautiful nights I had at a Club was when I didn't new many tracks of a Set. That's the whole thrill for me, creating a nice comination of something new and pleasure them with what they already like. Really Looking foward!

So, you just got featured in Soulection's All Day series. Besides this major accomplishment. what are you plans for the future?

The older I'm getting, I'm realizing it's important to have goals but also to stay in the present moment. Things can change in a snap. Even though, I'm an artist with goals and things I want to do. There will also be some new tours coming up. But something more important for me is to keep developing myself in terms of I feel there is so much more in me that I haven't unlock. I want to play more instruments like Saxophon, Trumpets, practising on my piano skills. I'm hyped for that, we will have to see, I'm on my way. Shout out to my agents! With those two guys I work very hard to build this nice future and we will see what it's gonna bring.


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