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Introducing: tango.

Everyone who has been following our works for some time noticed, you can't go around this producer & DJ from Chicago named tango.. He has been featured already on our Blends series and made a great track for our Compilation featuring many great artists as well. So it's about time to get to know more about tango. Sean Whitaker is a producer, dj, and software engineer from Raleigh, NC, USA and based in Chicago. He draws frequently on his roots to influence his sound, where you can hear notes of R&B, Hip Hop, House and Alternative Pop. This sound has seen him featured by many outlets, including Soulection, The Future Beats Show, Jussslisten and others. We reached out to him to ask some questions for our Introducing series. Thanks to Sean for taking the time on this one! Soundcloud / Instagram


How did you get into making music?

I got into music around 1st grade. I was in the children’s choir at church. There was another boy there that was in this interesting program called the Raleigh Boy Choir, and his grandmother told my grandmother all about it. I ended up auditioning for the choir and got in. This is where I learned how to sing classically. Eventually in middle school, I picked up the saxophone and learned to play instruments with an ensemble. In high school, I took a class called Digital Music under the band director, Clifton Scott. He taught us how to both notate music in Finale software and produce backing tracks in GarageBand. Tl;dr: I’ve been into music for all of my life.

How would you define your sound?

I wouldn’t define my sound. That is solely up to your interpretation.

I created this on an airplane on the way back to Chicago from visiting home. It samples lophiile’s “left you”, and I really just wanted to make something up-tempo and dancy. I also wanted to make something that would wow my friend KARE.

What is your biggest drive to create your music?

I would say my biggest drive to create music is to hear something beautiful. I love creating music because I love hearing how different sounds fit together, and sometimes my inspirations don’t scratch that itch quite the way I want them to. So its up to me I guess, haha

Which artist or sound influence you the most in your work as a creative?

That’s hard to pin down. I’d like to think that I draw my influence from every sound that I hear. As of late, I’ve been listening to a lot of Soundcloud artists. 1981 tokyo has had a really large impact on how I choose samples lately… Im never going to touch Donell Jones quite like him though. No one ever will.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with Kehlani, Fana Hues, and Lamb Rabbit for sure. I’m a sucker for beautiful harmonies.

This is a remix of Kehlani’s “Can You Blame Me”, ft. Lucky Daye. I was really listening to Omoidé’s drums and was desiring to create something more “acoustic” sounding. I challenged myself, and luckily rose to the occassion!


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