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Introducing: Yo Scheppert

Bouncy, luxury sounds, energetic and musically diverse pop. Producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Yo Scheppert stands for expressive hip hop & bass music. Since his youth, Yo Scheppert has found his voice in the hip hop culture of the early 2000s, which still influences his work as a producer and songwriter today. After completing his bachelor's degree in "Media Music" at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede (NL), he started his own business as a producer and mixing engineer while working in the Parkhaus studio in Cologne. From 2013 working with the sound system and party series named "Supakool" he toured from clubs of the Ruhr area as a DJ & live producer at big events such as the „Juicy Beats“ Festival, the „BremenNext Club Tour“, „Kieler Woche“ or „Karneval der Kulturen“ in Berlin. As a producer, Yo Scheppert produces for various artists from the colorful world of pop, hip hop and bass music, while his high-end sound productions thrive on rhythm, vocal processing and edgy samples. Influenced by his work as a DJ and live producer, Yo Scheppert has released productions and remixes as well as his own singles in collaboration with different artists, since 2016. For his current singles, Yo Scheppert has teamed up with the singer/songwriter “blaux.”, with whom he will release 5 singles in 2022, starting with the first track "Unique", which was released on January 7th.


How did you get into music, especially as producer?

My first contact to music was at a very early age. My parents are both professional musicians. I started to learn various instruments like piano, drums, and French Horn at the age of 6. All of this led me to many small music projects with different sound styles. I started to produce music at the age of 15. US Hip Hop in the early 2000s was my thing back then, so I began to record my instruments, sampling and cutting of course, and to mix all of that with some Hip Hop drums. I still love to play with these kind of sounds.

How would you explain your creative process behind one of your Tracks?

To be honest, I like coincidences and also simply to surprise myself. Like David Bowie once said "I'm a collector". That's how I would explain my creative process as well. It could be a voice memo on my Iphone where I'm beatboxing in the kitchen or the sound of a door for example which I recorded back in the days at my grandparents place in France. These unique sounds are the one's that get me really inspired and where I put together the rest of the sounds.

How would you define your sound?

Bouncy, luxury sounds, energetic and musically diverse. High-end productions, a lot of rhythm, vocal processing and edgy samples.

Which artist or sound influenced you the most in your work as a producer?

There are so many producers and musicians who influence my sound. For example Cashmere Cat, Troyboi, Marian Hill, Disclosure, Jon Bellion, and Post Malone to show you some kind of a direction. I'm also a big fan of energetic EDM Bass music and actually church organs and classic orchestras.

With which artists would you like to collaborte in the future?

There are a lot as well that come to my mind. For example Kallitechnis, Pink Sweat$, AlunaGeorge, Lido, Keys n Krates to name a few. And of course all I mentioned in the question above.

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