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Milaa & Andrew. releasing "No Good"

Milaa is a 22 years old Singer and Songwriter based in Germany. Her journey as a

musician started very early, back when she was about 11 years old. Due to her

Congolese and Angolese roots, Mila is shaped by African music and its culture.

Raised in Church, she discovered her love for Gospel Music. After a time she found herself in Pop, R&B, Soul, Rap and Reggae Music. Growing up she started to Perform on small Stages, alone or in compony of her brother. She sang on Weddings, played with Andrew Murphy on Turnpike, was member of his Tour in Barbados (2019) and established her Band LIONESS in 2016. Milaa identifies herself with her Music, that’s why she doesn’t put herself in a particular Genre cause she is mutual. Her goal is it, to touch People with her thoughts and with her Voice. Her listeners should feel save around her. Andrew. is a well known german producer, beatmaker and DJ who continues to blend his past experiences with current styles, sharing stages with Stormzy, Full Crate, Jael, IAMNOBODI, Trve Hill, André Power and many more he produced Milaa's first Single „NO GOOD“ , where she describes her break out of a toxic and unhealthy Relationship, which is now available on all platforms.

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