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New Release by Syrup

British-German jazz rap super group Syrup returns with new single ‘Breathe’ (Stream). Syrup are Twit One (beats), Turt of Summers Sons (rap) and C.Tappin (vocals & keys). Twit is from Cologne, Turt and Tap are from London. They share a friendship and musical partnership based on similar musical tastes and live values. Their first album Rosy Lee was released in 2020 on Melting Pot Music, has gained over 10 million streams and is also available on LP. This summer Syrup will share their second full-length project with us. ‘Breathe’ comes with a music video directed by Robert Winter & Die Ottos on March 24. If you like what you hear, you can catch Twit One, Summers Sons & C.Tappin live here:

March 31. -> Leipzig, Atelierhaus

April 02. -> Cologne, Veedel Club

April 23 -> London, CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden


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