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Rhythm Blend Radio #009 | ft. Poulho

Poulho returns with the 9th episode of our sessions on SoundCloud with a UK only special. He has been following the various UK scenes for some time now. So, it's only right to showcase his favorite up-and-coming artists like Ashbeck, Sainte, Mani DM and many more from the island!



Jianbo - S.H.A.O.L.I.N

Saiming - WOOF MEOW

Reek0 - Know Me Already (feat. Dunman)

Cush, XavierRoy, Tarun Puri - sacrifices

Ashbeck, El Londo - Booli

Kwákz, Namani - Sunrise

Kae Kuzi, George Armstrong - Merci KMT

Kae Kuzi, George Armstrong - Rosé

Jordy - I Called Tj Twice

J Rhys - Dfunde, Cal1sto - Jack In The Box (feat. Luca Santamaria)

T3D - ON THE MAP (FREESTYLE) (feat. scruz)

SamRecks - Love & Attention

Pud - Realise

3vs - Sat Nav

Mani DM - Roses (feat. Timi)

Ashbeck - Karma (feat. El Londo)

Sainte, Joony - East

WillHxuse - PISSY LIFTS (feat. Sainte)

Ashbeck, BillzOnTheBeat - ETERNAL

3vs - Step Like (feat. familyperfume)

illy1 - Back In Style

Ragz Originale - code red

Namani - Goldstone

AirBorn Gav - Tony the tiger


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