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Smochi Grinds Vol​.​2

Smochi, originally from Germany, Wuppertal, is a music producer and DJ with no genre boundaries and a flexible and creative style. After doin’ a lot of work in the german producer scene he was able to shine and stand out in the international remix game with his edits which are played from DJs all around the world. He recently released his new edit pack including 8 tracks for your next sets! The full compilation is now available on Bandcamp. Link below

Celetronic X Colou

I’m honest with you. I never liked the arrangement of the original “Celetronic” by Sarz. So i just made it my way. What’s funny about this is that my good friend More Jakkie had the same idea like me. So one day he was sittin’ in the Studio with me and he was like: “Hey man check this!” He played his version and I was like: “No way, i’m doin’ almost the same hahaha” We just had the same idea at the same time. His version is already out on SoundCloud if you wanna check it out.

The Riddle X RBD

This edit took the most amount of time. The Original Sample is “The Riddle” by Nik Kershaw and as a kid I was a big fan of “The Riddle” by Gigi D’Agostino who used the same sample and I always wanted to do something with this melody as well. Because I had such nostalgic feelings my perfectionism was hittin’ hard haha. I already did a baile funk version 1 year ago but wasn’t 100% feeling it at the end so i never released it. A few months later, after my last edit pack, i started from scratch and this version was born. But I had a lot of hick ups. After roughly 50% done I was hittin’ a dead end. The drums were dope and the RBD acapella was fittin’ well but something was missing. I wanted something special but at this moment i was not creative enough to figure it out so i decided to let it chill. A few weeks later i came up with the Idea to throw the acapella into a vocoder and the barrier was gone. This was the special ingredient that was missing and I was able to finish it with my 100% approval.


I did this one a few months ago. I wanted a vintage touch with modern drums so i only usedclassic 90s synths like the Yamaha DX7 or the Korg M1. It took a while to find some fitting vocals. I came across “Fuego” by El Alfa. It wasn’t remixed a lot so that was my choice then.

Booty Twerkulator

I was sittin’ in the studio with Cupidon and they showed me some Tik Tok Dance videos. I can’t remember why tho haha. And in one video there was “In The Mix” by Mix Masters. (“Pump it Up” by Danzel used the same sample btw.) I was hearing the sample and my brain was immediately doin’ the typical miami bass rhythm. After the session I was at home the next day in my Studio and I started to work on it. FirstI used the “Baby Got Back” acapella by Sir Mix A Lot but it was too cheesy in my opinion so I though about “Twerkulator” by City Girls and it was fittin’ well.

Whatever She Wants

This edit is the newest. I just made it 2 weeks ago. It’s as random as it gets hahaha. I was waking up and I don’t know why but i just had this melody with the classic Korg M1“Organ 2” Preset in my head . So i was goin’ straight from my bed into my Studio and started workin on it. To be honest I didn’t took it too serious so i just took some random kicks, claps and hi hats and did this beat in 15 minutes. First I was like: “Damn that’s trash...” but as more often i was hearing this it was growing with me. I was looking in my acapella folder and i randomly drag and dropped “Whatever She Wants” by Bryson Tiller into the project. I was about to throw it away because i had to speed up the acapella by 20bpm. But that soft singing part which started in this edit was clickin’ so hard that i felt in love with it.I was just goofing around with the “Teenage Dirtbag” acapella by Wheatus at the end.I showed it some friends and was putting it in my Instagram story and it was getting a lot of positive reactions so I decided to give it a go

U The Shit

This one was pretty easy. Did this one last month. I was about to use this acapella long before but was just waiting for the perfect instrumental. One day it was time. I was feeling it and finished it pretty quick.It was pretty straight forward. Nothing spectacular to say here.

Slow Down X Lady

Man I love the “Slow Down” Sample so much. It was first used by Bobby Valentino. It’s a classic. Hans Zimmer is a GOAT! Originally it’s “A Way Of Life” from “The Last Samurai OST” I flipped it the same way Bobby V. did but turned it into a soft amapiano tune. I spiced it up a bit with a sample from “Suga Suga” by Baby Bash. Thought it fits well in the background. During the production of the Instrumental i randomly thought about the“Lady” acapella by Rema. It just fits perfectly and i finished it pretty fast.

My Place

This one was fun! I was listening to the Original tune. It’s “My Place” by Nelly. It didn’t took long that I thought about how it would sound with a Riddim. Was pretty sure it would fit. And as far as I know, no one remixed this track. So i did and started workin’ on it. In the middle of the production I was bored by the original acapella and was looking for some variations. To still give it a nostalgic 2000 character my choices were Jay-Z and Young Gunz. It stands out from all the other productions on this edit pack because it’s so slow and mellow. But that’s the main reason why i put it on it. I’m happy with this one!


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