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Soulection relaunches White Label Series

Soulection has recently relaunched their White Label Series, which is a 4-6 track EP that highlights one of the movements favorite producers from around the world. The 23rd edition is a collaboration EP of Shaka Lion & Singularis, in which the two producers are putting the spotlight on the importance of sound system culture through the use of samples from Roots Reggae, Lovers Rock, and Jungle. We highly recommend to check out the new Soulection release, and to catch up with all previous White Label Series featuring artists like J-Louis, Lakim, AbJo, Foisey., Tom Misch and many more, as they had a major impact of our own sound identity as well. s/o Soulection as their sound of tomorrow continues to amaze us with the variety of sophisticated sound patterns from around the globe.



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