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Diggin' w/ DJ Nury

The first time we met DJ Nury was 2 weeks ago at the new event series in Bochum called "Cute Community Radio". DJ Nury amazed us with her versatile selection of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Trap, mixed with some proper Edits & Flips. Besides regular apperances at this event, Nury has a residency at Cologne's Bolze Bar and is organizing legendary Club event "Spizy" where she aims to create a safer space for LGBTQIA* Community.

Get to know DJ Nury's musical taste in this article where she highlight her current 5 heavy rotations.

Discover DJ Nury on Instagram & Soundcloud


Omah Lay has such a unique voice. Also this instrumental and the lyrics are reflecting in current life so much. I'm really feeling this song a lot and can totally process my appearing pain with this one.

I've been loving Drake's songs and lyrics for a long time. Especially this one featuring Nicki Minaj takes me back to the good old days!

Travis Scott is one of my all time favorite Artists. His songs and especially his energy when he is on stage are really something else!

This Song of gets me in a good mood simply everytime. I instantly start to move and sing a long when I listen to this one. "Soweto" is definitely my heavy rotation right now!

You can instantly feel the drip in this song. "Pop It" is somehow a smooth one but also you have to start moving when you play this song.



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