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Diggin' w/ Pantera

Born in the dust of the Brazilian caatinga, Pantera was raised in a house full of musicians and storytellers. Influenced by his dad’s funky baselines and the drums in everything on his surroundings, he has found his home in house music, bailefunk, jungle, afrohouse and the wonders of AFROBAILE. Since he

moved to Germany, he has quickly made his way around Frankfurt’s music and clubscene, together with Riverside Sessions and BAILESERVICE either bringing insane electricity behind the decks or playing drums.

Pantera is also a producer and multi instrumentalist, with vast experience with performaning in general, since he’s been playing in church from early years on. Between Frankfurt, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, he is able to bring an unique afrobrazilian infused experience to his sets. As a producer, he has been colaborating with Paul Mond for a while, recently releasing two projects together which highlight and explore brazilian electronic music in more detail.

His recent colaborations include names such as Dave Nunes, Prosp3ct, and LOELASH.


This song is one of the classics when it comes to modern Brazilian electronic music. Jeeh FDC is only 19 years old and has already established himself as one of the most important producers of all time within the genre. Every sample, every sound he uses is so unique, and the aggressiveness of his style is something extremely recognisable. Of course, it is an acquired taste outside Brazil, not everyone understands the kind of electronic music he does, but it does not diminishes how genial it is.

I love this track since the first time I ever heard it, not only because Kingdom is a really good friend of mine, but it establishes Brazilian electronic music outside the 130-150 bpm spectrum. Dj Kingdom is a reference is Belo Horizonte (BR) as a producer, event organiser and overall mobiliser who has really opened up the bath to a more underground scene not only in Belo Horizonte, but whole Brazil.

Pumba is also one of my favorite tracks, made by a young producer also from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. D.A.N.V. is one of the most important producers in the underground Brazilian electronic music scene right now. His ability to mix his hop elements with the subgenre ‘MTG’ has created a whole new sub-genre which is loved at bailes all lover Brazil for its aggressiveness and bass fulled sound.

Carmackinho is a living legend in the brazilian music scene, he part of the duo DEEKAPZ and producers for artists in the hip hop/electronic music and underground scene in Brazil. His personal soundcloud page has the most surprising and out of the box remixes I have ever seen, and they are famous around the whole country for the insanity of it. There are never download links, so you just get those when you know him personally, which is what makes it even more fun to play those tracks!

FS green is one of the DJ/producers which inspired me to actually start doing those things myself. I have watched his sets on loop on YouTube for months before I ever touched a pair of CDJS in my life. Every track he does you can really feel his personality and influence in it, so with this one is not different. He samples the brazilian track ‘batucada refrescante’ in this song, which has been a classic for a few decades now.


Discover more of Pantera on Instagram & Soundcloud.


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