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Diggin' w/ Shingen

Shingen Ogami is a DJ, producer based in Manila, Philippines. The self-taught musician has garnered his skills through dedication, preserverance, and consistency which has led to his exceptional mixing skills ranging from chopping, live-remixing, to scratching. He co-founded Orange Juice Asia in 2020, a global Artist Collective & Community that has since garnered more than 15000 Followers across the internet. We are happy to get to know Shingen and his current favorite picks in the next "Diggin' w/"-article.

LAST LAST (Naken Edit) - Burna Boy

Starting off the list is Naken’s Edit of “LAST LAST” by Burna Boy since this track always got me feeling some type of way during my DJ sets, most especially during sunset sessions by the beach. The track’s tropical vibe combined with its sexy bass line and fire vocals by Burna Boy definitely makes it a great addition when playing in both indoor and outdoor gigs. Shoutout to Burna Boy for the great vibes and energy on the vocals.

Cry Now, Dance Later - Kevin Kofii x Vitus Tribe

Another track that’s been a go-to just because it’s such a great addition to building up my sets is Kevin Kofii and Vitus Tribe’s fire remix of Drake’s “Cry Now, Dance Later”. The track starts off with its iconic intro eventually revealing the baile twist that always gets the club hyped and this is usually when everyone at the tables start getting on their feet.

Smooth Criminal (Dave Nunes, D3AN Remix) - Dave Nunes, D3AN

I’m not sure what else to say other than this remix being an absolute banger. Michael Jackson is one of the most influential artists ever, a master of his craft which can clearly be heard with one of his classics, “Smooth Criminal”. This fresh remix by Dave Nunes and D3AN just came out and it has put this track on a whole other level and hasn’t been the same to me ever since. It’s been played on every one of my sets since its release and its a sure-fire way to get the crowd singing and moving.

Rumble (EGNEVER Edit) - Skrillex, Fred again.., Flowdan

The original track “Rumble” by Skrillex, Fred again.., Flowdan is an absolute banger but this edit by EGNEVER just puts the energy through the roof and is a must-play during the peak of my sets. It’s infused afro/baile drums while keeping it similar to its original composition adds even more bounce, making such a huge difference in the energy it gives off. This party-inducing track gets me and my homies head banging every. single. Time.

LOW - Shingen

A relatively new track but one that has been played on my sets since it’s conception is my ver own remix of SZA’s track “Low”. Lately, I’ve been working on warming up my production to set off my new goal of releasing more tracks and edits since I have felt like I’ve been more focused on DJ-ing and gigs. This remix fuses the original track’s dark vibe with a groovy amapiano twist to it, making you feel different emotions as the track plays on. As a celebration of Orange Juice Asia hitting 10k followers on Soundcloud, this track was produced to be included in our “10K Pack” along with other tracks by esteemed members of the community which is to be released on June.


s/o Shingen! Discover him on Soundcloud & Instagram.


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