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Diggin' w/ Fybe:one

Up next for our Digging series we got the London-based DJ and music producer Fybe:one lined up, He recently did a guest mix for the Infinite Beats Show on SoundCloud which caught our attention. Besides doing mixes, flips, and even Albums, he is also a really talented graphic designer and works as freelancer on various projects,. (Check some samples here) As well make sure to check his regular Radio show on Aaja Music, a full spectrum music bar, record label, live streaming and event space located in an old railway arch in the heart of Deptford, London.

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Ross From Friends - The Daisy

"This was the first track released from this album and I was blown away by the production. Just the right amount of unsettling wonkiness and a lovely shuffle - slightly reminiscent of early Burial stuff. The vocal sample is beautiful too.

This whole album is just next level and massive step for Rossy boy! Big moves!"

Faye Meana - What You Do

"I first heard this when I was doing a little B2B set with my mate @tall_scholes at AAJA Radio a few months back. It feels a little like it could have come off the Maribou State - Portraits album with that chord sequence, which is definitely not a bad thing. Everyone I’v played this too loves it, its catchy without being cheesy.

I have to be careful not to play it to death!"

Hamdi - Shake

"Hamdi is making big moves at the moment. This track was from a Kiwi Records mixtape and stood out as pure freshness.. But it also sounds kinda nostalgic for me too, like the post-dubstep stuff I love from 2011! I love anything with those warm chords like that! Fits in any set I find and I usually play it in every set!"

Master Plan Inc - Try It, You’ll Like It

So I’m a sucker for old soul and motown music. Always have been and always will. Timeless melodies and where so much musical genius came from. I was born in the wrong era! Anyway - this tracks a new one I found with all the motown elements you need.. lovely horns, a nice bit of funky wah guitar and a silky smooth vocal.

This is my shit!"

Lemzly Dale - Mercy

This is another one that a lot of people pick up on when i play it. Lemzly Dale is just one of the talented producers from the Pearly Whites label. Check their Bandcamp cos its all shit like this and all fire! Masters of chops, most the tracks are chopped up RnB tracks but have such a nice vibe. Go grab it!"

(Bonus) Model Man - Sidewinder

Another production masterclass from Model Man.. This is right up my street.. the vocal sample pulls me in straight away. Then half way through there’s a mad break down that gives me goosebumps - a little early James Blake esq. The bass is pretty chunky in it too. This whole album is also incredibly consistently good! Go check it."



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