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Diggin' w/ Jenny Sharp

We found out about Jenny Sharp through her Mix for Bumm Clack collective from Munich but her story started actually way before that! Since her Podcast launch of "Sharp Radio", she established herself with lots of passion in Germanys urban club culture with many sophisticated and versatile selections. As well, playing at the big stages for TH!NK?, splash!, Kosmonaut and Fusion Festival. Cruising through Genres like Hip Hop, Future Beats, Footwork, and Grime to even Electronic and House styles. As you already know, we couldn't find any better feature for the 3rd edition of our "Diggin' w/"-series. Check out her current favorite Tracks right here!


Arlo Parks – Hurt

I´m already a huge fan of this super young London based RnB singer songwriter Arlo Parks. Although I don´t even think it´s her strongest track I listened to it on. “Hurt” gave me so much hope and strength when I was going through a lot of pain because of personal issues. It kept me believing it won´t hurt so much forever.

Cuki – Habitat

For me “Habitat” sounds like a perfect mixture of Bonobo with Maribou State flavoured with Cuki´s very own unique style. The guitar is just wow, the vibe and all those lovely details like field recording are taking me to another dreamy world. Loving that whole same-named EP by the way.

Helmuth, futurebae, willem. – Preis

"Preis” expresses exactly what I´m feeling. It´s the kind of Cloud Rap from Germany I pump combined with a strong RnB type part. I think both futurebae and helmuth are two of the most underrated artists in the game.

Kota the Friend ft. Lil Kota – Everything

“Everything” is soooo damn beautiful. The bird chirping sets the mood right. Kota the Friend´s flow is on point and his lines just too true. Just the perfect song to get me in a positive vibe.

Lorine Chia – Burn One

Recently I quit smoking weed and still I put on this song whenever I need to relax. That smooth, soothing voice of Lorina Chia over this trappy minimalistic beat is just the best. Couldn´t believe I slept on her for too long when I discovered her a couple of months ago.


Recently Jenny Sharp dropped a heavyweight Mix for the Traphouse Crew from Leipzig.

This mix is already our soundtrack for the summer season. Vibessss!


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