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Introducing: Elliqa

Elliqa is a 26-year-old female DJ and music lover born and raised in the Hague, the Netherlands. Originally known as the fashion tastemaker ‘Clothesnbits’, her passion for creativity led to a love for DJ’ing at the end of 2018. Influenced and inspired by the sounds of Soulection and the Soundcloud community, she conveys eclectic vibes and moods through her



How did you get into making music?

I started my dj journey back in 2018 during my mid youtube days. fashion was one way to express myself, but throughout those years it slowly shifted to music and creating mixtapes. i was in need of another outlet and music came on my path, so i decided hop on the journey and that’s how it all started. How would you define your sound?

As a 90’s kid I grew up with a lot of pop and rnb music, just whatever was popping on tv. when I got older I discovered soulection and that’s where i really started to feel connected to a certain sound. I still find it hard to define my sound as I like to play many different genres, but when it comes to what I truly love it would be somewhere between rnb, slowjams and anything soulful.

How would you describe your creative process when it comes to making mixes?

When it comes to making mixtapes I like to find 1-3 songs that resonates with my feeling that day and everything what comes after I just let it flow naturally and go with the flow.

Which artist or sound influences you the most in your work as a creative?

To name a few artists/djs/producers that have influenced me during my journey so far: soulection, joe kay, fs green, jarreau vandal, jael, full crate, brii, franchise, don mayor, sosupersam, noodz, jyoty, uncle waffles, juls, aaliyah, masego, erykah badu, ne-yo, soundcloud and anyone and anything else that has crossed my path so far during my dj journey, dj trips and eventing experiences. Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

anyone above!


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